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In all of our products we do use natural ingredients to the maximum extent possible. And where not possible, we use ingredients which meet rigid legal, safety and purity standards set forth by federal agencies.” Can you decipher that? I bet you can. What they’re saying is that they use laboratory synthetic Vigrx Pluss and a small amount of food material and then they say it’s a superior product. The implication in the sales force is, this is actually a pyramid – plan company, is that these are all – natural Vigrx Plus. But they’re not. Learn more at Find as I heard that from a number of representatives I decided to ask the company. And it took me a while to get this response. So this is a well – known natural Vigrx Plus products company that admits the following: “We do not make the claim that our products are 100% natural organic, or that they are all derived from fruits and vegetables…To the maximum ex tent possible we do use natural ingredients. And where not possible, we use ingredients which meet rigid legal, safety and purity standards set forth by federal agencies.” But those are synthetic products. Don’t pay a natural price for a synthetic Vigrx Plus. Write to the manufacturer. Remember my rule here. Rule #1. If it’s entirely derived from food the Vigrx Plus supplement will be: 1) Low potency; 2) Large tablet; and 3) Very expensive. Unfortunately, the ‘very expensive’, can still get you a product that is a little bit deceptive, in my opinion. Because it is a clever mix of a little natural, and a lot of synthetic. A butcher that I knew in Rochester, New York, was selling organic meats. And he did a lot of education on additives and different types of sausages and things like that. I learned a lot every time I went to his store. And he carried organic turkeys & organic chickens, and hot dogs without any nitrates in them. In Rochester, New York, and practically nowhere else on the planet you can buy something called a ‘White Hot’. It’s not a bratwurst, but it’s similar to one. Imagine a bratwurst without the spices in it, a little more tasting like a ‘Red Hot’, but with no nitrates. Nitrates hold that red colour. Red Hots are Red Hots because of the nitrates. It’s a colour preservative. White Hots have the same expiration date as Red Hots do. When you buy them in Rochester you can get a mixed pack. That’s four red & four white. The preservative in the Red Hots does not give them any longer shelf life. Nor does the absence of the preservative in the White Hots give them any less of a shelf life. And that’s why whenever we get hot dogs we get the White Hots because there’s no preservatives in them. White Hots are known as ‘Pork Hots’ in Rochester. My father specifically would always get White Hot when he asked for a pork hot dog. Oddly enough, there’s no more pork in a White Hot than there is in a Red Hot. The ingredients say on the Red Hot: ‘beef & pork’, and on the White Hot it says : ‘pork & beef’. And the butcher explained to me that that’s a way, a legal way, of exploiting a loophole in government regulations. So the way you say it can be played with as long as what you say is not strictly untrue. I’m telling you this so you h ave a sense of how labelling can be. Learn more at and

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